Postcard from Spain : Day 6


Yes! It’s the ceiling of our apartment 😦


And that’s all I saw yesterday. Before those of you with dirty minds think ‘oh, yes?’ I should make it clear that I was laid exceptionally low by one of those 24 hour tummy bugs (or a bout of food poisoning) yesterday. Despite temperatures in the upper mid-20s, I spent the day shivering, under the bedcovers, and feeling wretched.

Fingers crossed, no one else in the family has so far suffered with it, but one of the children had something similar the week before we came out here.

I feel better this morning, but was laid low and felt cold, tired and weak all day yesterday, to the extent that the photo really does represent all I saw yesterday.


Hopefully, some better news and views will follow today.


One thought on “Postcard from Spain : Day 6

  1. I wasn’t even making sense with that post! What I should have said is that none of the rest of the family have suffered HERE, in Spain, but one of the children was laid low last week.

    And as the day has progressed, I’ve realised that I’m still not feeling so well, and our other child has become gradually more limp as the day has progressed.

    On that basis, and because I’m not even getting out to experience anything, it is with regret that the ‘Postcard from Spain’ series will have to be abandoned for this holiday.

    I’ll try to properly finish it off next week, once we’re home, if there’s anything that is worth observing.


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