An apology

I feel I need to apologise for the sudden end to the ‘Postcard from Spain’ series, the holiday blighted by my own, and then subsequently the rest of the family’s, illness. Since returning to the UK I’ve nursed both Mr. Keng and one of the children through the same tummy bug, which we all caught from the other child, who suffered prior to our holiday.

It spoiled the holiday, for sure, but we return to Spain later in the year, so fingers crossed for better times and pleasant temperatures then. In the meantime, the UK basks in sunshine. Odd for us, I know. Generally we ‘enjoy’ a summer that consists merely of warmer rain 🙂 and it’s almost certain that the current heatwave will end in an almight thunderstorm, but we’ll enjoy this all while we can.

Anyway…we’re back to publishing, with a slew of pieces, photographs and all manner of SL naturist related stuff backing up in my ‘in’ tray. I’ve been up since 500am, as the warmer nights in houses not expected to need air-con make for an uncomfortable night’s rest. I took the opportunity to enjoy the slight chill of a breaking dawn in our secluded back garden, brewing up some freshly ground coffee, orange juice and a bowl of cereal with strawberries cut on top. A beautiful and rare summer al-fresco breakfast.

Now, with the kitchen door open and squirrels robbing the bird feeders, a few birds making their presence felt in the already blue, cloudless sky, I’m doing some SLN related ‘housekeeping’. Periodically, I will dump the photo files we have to an external hard drive and begin afresh. And in doing so I spotted this previously unpublished photo of Areola wearing a mesh bath robe (available from G&N) which just about demonstrates that there’s nothing on underneath 🙂 , the best replication of my current mode of dress that I can manage. Perhaps, if I get the time later, I’ll hop along to G&N (their marketplace presence, the inworld store having been downsized recently) to pick up a copy of this. In an hour or so, I reckon it’ll be warm enough to discard my bathrobe and get myself settled at the garden table with my laptop and some tea, as nature intended.areola dg2_0012

So…later on, hopefully, we’ll have some more, new SLN related postings about the naturist lifestyle in SL.

See you later!