Motivation’s hard….

It has to be said that we’re not used to this sort of heat in the UK. I began yesterday full of good intentions, but by mid-morning my energy had been sapped by the heat, and plans to work on SLN related stuff had been long since replaced with RL naturist related stuff. We filled a paddling pool, and I spent as long sitting around in it as the children did. I finally dragged myself out of it, and into clothes, for the trip to the local store to pick up some barbecue stuff, and it was back home to get out of sweaty clothes again and let Mr.Keng (seen here at a hammock at Su Casa) do a bit of cooking. When we finally put the children to bed it was back out, energy entirely sapped, to have a nice bottle of wine on our patio, still nude of course, and watch the solar lights around the garden come into their own. We finally made it indoors after midnight, lay on top of the duvet all night, and I got up at 530am again so that we can do it all over again!

With yet another day of ‘nothing on’ 😉 ahead, I might try to get some of the backlog of posts published, but I can’t promise anything. The allure of the sun, and some unexpected RL garden naturism, is just too much!



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