A nice cold shower!

Phew! Temperatures in the UK continue to soar. We were sitting out in our garden last night at midnight, naked of course, with the mercury showing well over 20 degrees. It’s marvellous! It gives the countryside a whole new look and feel. Everyone seems happier. Well, almost everyone. I’m still running into ladies in the village shop who complain it’s ‘too warm’. I remember that at Easter I was trudging through snow to get to the shop -our cars were snowed in, 4 x 4 or not, they’re useless when buried half way up their doors- and the same ladies were complaining about the snow. If it rains….well, you guessed it! Of course, we’re Brits, we talk constantly about the weather, to the point of obsession.

Marginally cooler tonight, but once I’ve posted this I’m off into the garden, au naturel, of course, to enjoy the warmth, the smells of the grass and flowers, the dew between my toes, and a glass of wine.

But before I do…I popped on the sprinkler today to keep the flowers and grass fresh, and soon had the children running in, out and through it. And of course Mum soon joined in! 🙂

Which put me to thinking that there was a similar sprinkler in operation at Sweden Naturist, so I popped over there in my ‘Eve’ alt to enjoy a virtual cooling shower and take a couple of photos.

It felt lovely in RL to be a child again with my children, the three of us playing about in the shower of water, and it looks just as inviting at Sweden.

watering_001b watering2_001b


Naked horse riding at 7 Hills

Keeping on with that holiday bucket list theme, and something I would really love to try sometime, is naked horse riding. I’m not sure how it all works for you, but holidays seem to present opportunities where there’s opportunities to go pony trekking, which I’ve done, or taking a lolloping walk on the back of a camel, which I’ve also done. Clothed, of course, but I live in hope of somewhere offering naked horseback riding somewhere, some day, so I can try that out.

Of course, if you go on holiday to 7 Hills naturist sim, you can do it virtually, and it’s a unique, I think, Sl experience. Certainly something I’ve done and ticked off the SL bucket list, alongside naked skydiving, which you must try if you get the opportunity. At least a couple of our favourite naturist sims offer that experience.

And doesn’t the experience make for a superb photo op?

7hills3_001b 7hills4_001b 7hills6_001b 7hills7_001b



adds: for anyone heading off on holiday soon, stay safe and have fun. Pookes, we’ll speak when you get back! 🙂


Take a Nakation!

What’s a nakation, I may well hear you ask.

It’s a conflation of the words ‘naked’ and ‘vacation’ -a naked vacation becoming a ‘nakation’. More in use in north America than in Europe (I’ve never heard the word in the context of European naturism) but we like it. Would a European equivalent possibly be a ‘fkkcation‘? (from fkk…freikoerperkultur, free body culture in German, with ‘fkk’ beaches being signposted far and wide across Europe and beyond Germany and Austria’s borders. You’ll find ‘nakation’ defined at the AANR website.

How far can we push it, in the context of SL? 🙂

The best I can come up with, although not uniquely naturist, would be slolidays. 😦 No, not good, is it?

On Friday, I’m off on my own ‘nakation’. I can absolutely guarantee there won’t be any ‘postcards’, because we’re (my significant other and myself) camping in France, and we aren’t taking computers, just our ipods and phones. And I can guarantee that my phone will be switched off for the three weeks we’re away. 🙂

As a result, no posts from me over that period (unless Ella publishes a couple I’ve already submitted), but I thought it might be nice to leave you with a few ‘flag coloured’ photos, as Ella does with the Spanish flag in her ‘postcards’.

Hopefully, this is a taste of us in France for the next three weeks, as reimagined for SL.

dive_001bc sunbathe5_001bc swim_001bc

Before you ask…that’s not my significant other in the second pic, just one of my SL friends who agreed to pose with me. 🙂




Psy City

Another one of my forays into the land of the clothed! 🙂

Ella used another of these shots in her Citroen/Languedoc post earlier today, so I thought I’d post another one, since the sim these are taken from is currently one of my favourite non-naturist photo locations.



You can find the Back Door Club at the Psy City sim.



British Naturism’s Nudefest 2013

Ongoing, right now, is British Naturism’s Nudefest, at Newperran in Cornwall. And what terrific weather they’re getting for it!

One of the things on offer is firewalking. I think I’d have liked to have tried that!

I’ve not been able to source any photos of nude firewalkers, nor find any firewalking options in SL, so I’m afraid I’ve had to resort to a couple of Harry’s library images to illustrate this post. This photo session took place at Eden Naturopolis.

fire_001b fire2_001b


I’ve been thinking….what about a SL ‘Nudefest’? Would anyone be interested in organising it, with events on, daily, for a few days, and organised like a SL Hunt? Participating sims, naturist related freebies to be collected, music events, firewalking?


Femen without backbone

A month or so back, Ella was highly critical of the actions of the Femen group in Tunisia.

With less media coverage, the Tunisian courts upheld the charges against them, but suspended the sentence, meaning they were free to return to Paris a couple of weeks back. (News reporting video of their being freed is here, and France24 reports it in word form here ).

What’s telling is how much bravura the trio had in the light of prison sentences, apologising profusely, wearing Tunisian veils in court, and saying they didn’t know how much of a scandal it  would create. I’m firmly in agreement with Ella’s analysis here. Perhaps Femen need to put some more forethought into their protests, and perhaps have more backbone when courts jail them. I would suggest that, in the round, Femen have only appeared stupid, and lacking any sort of spine, a double-whammy that probably undermined their purpose. And then, of course, once they were freed, their courage returned, and they rather pitifully retracted their apology. Forgive me, but in doing so it seems all they’ve done is further weaken Femen activists who may find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Femen ‘apologies’ can now be seen as having no real sincerity in them; they’re just a mechanism to evade jail. TUNISIA-WOMEN-RIGHTS-TRIAL-FEMEN

With each ‘action’, it now seems that Femen become more and more ridiculous.

Perhaps it’s worth reprinting Pookes’ less verbal analysis of the entire affair 🙂

femen idiots b&w



No, I’ve not forgotten that SLN9 is still unpublished. The reason is that, on coming back from Spain, and reviewing it all, I decided we needed a little bit more ‘tweaking’ on it, as ‘9’ crosses a Rubycon in where SLN is headed. I’ve said I wished to blur the lines between SL naturism and RL naturism, and to that end I’m intent on doing a lot of linking to external sites dedicated to RL naturism. And no, that doesn’t mean links purely to nudist pictures, so if that’s your interest, think again!

As an example…

languedoc finishedThis is one of Harry’s pix, and I’ve asked all of the staff to ‘work in’ -where possible- references to RL naturism. Harry’s managed to do not only that with his text, but also provide a little background info on Citroen vans, and the manner in which French number plates refer to their region of origin, stuff I didn’t know. We’ll not be making it an ‘improve your general knowledge’ site 🙂 but we will be making it an ‘improve your general knowledge about RL naturism’ site 🙂 This, above, sort of represents where SLN9 is headed, and subsequent issues will reinforce.

And for those too lazy to type in the url provided within the picture, you can link directly to it here. 🙂