A nice cold shower!

Phew! Temperatures in the UK continue to soar. We were sitting out in our garden last night at midnight, naked of course, with the mercury showing well over 20 degrees. It’s marvellous! It gives the countryside a whole new look and feel. Everyone seems happier. Well, almost everyone. I’m still running into ladies in the village shop who complain it’s ‘too warm’. I remember that at Easter I was trudging through snow to get to the shop -our cars were snowed in, 4 x 4 or not, they’re useless when buried half way up their doors- and the same ladies were complaining about the snow. If it rains….well, you guessed it! Of course, we’re Brits, we talk constantly about the weather, to the point of obsession.

Marginally cooler tonight, but once I’ve posted this I’m off into the garden, au naturel, of course, to enjoy the warmth, the smells of the grass and flowers, the dew between my toes, and a glass of wine.

But before I do…I popped on the sprinkler today to keep the flowers and grass fresh, and soon had the children running in, out and through it. And of course Mum soon joined in! 🙂

Which put me to thinking that there was a similar sprinkler in operation at Sweden Naturist, so I popped over there in my ‘Eve’ alt to enjoy a virtual cooling shower and take a couple of photos.

It felt lovely in RL to be a child again with my children, the three of us playing about in the shower of water, and it looks just as inviting at Sweden.

watering_001b watering2_001b


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