No, I’ve not forgotten that SLN9 is still unpublished. The reason is that, on coming back from Spain, and reviewing it all, I decided we needed a little bit more ‘tweaking’ on it, as ‘9’ crosses a Rubycon in where SLN is headed. I’ve said I wished to blur the lines between SL naturism and RL naturism, and to that end I’m intent on doing a lot of linking to external sites dedicated to RL naturism. And no, that doesn’t mean links purely to nudist pictures, so if that’s your interest, think again!

As an example…

languedoc finishedThis is one of Harry’s pix, and I’ve asked all of the staff to ‘work in’ -where possible- references to RL naturism. Harry’s managed to do not only that with his text, but also provide a little background info on Citroen vans, and the manner in which French number plates refer to their region of origin, stuff I didn’t know. We’ll not be making it an ‘improve your general knowledge’ site 🙂 but we will be making it an ‘improve your general knowledge about RL naturism’ site 🙂 This, above, sort of represents where SLN9 is headed, and subsequent issues will reinforce.

And for those too lazy to type in the url provided within the picture, you can link directly to it here. 🙂



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