Naked horse riding at 7 Hills

Keeping on with that holiday bucket list theme, and something I would really love to try sometime, is naked horse riding. I’m not sure how it all works for you, but holidays seem to present opportunities where there’s opportunities to go pony trekking, which I’ve done, or taking a lolloping walk on the back of a camel, which I’ve also done. Clothed, of course, but I live in hope of somewhere offering naked horseback riding somewhere, some day, so I can try that out.

Of course, if you go on holiday to 7 Hills naturist sim, you can do it virtually, and it’s a unique, I think, Sl experience. Certainly something I’ve done and ticked off the SL bucket list, alongside naked skydiving, which you must try if you get the opportunity. At least a couple of our favourite naturist sims offer that experience.

And doesn’t the experience make for a superb photo op?

7hills3_001b 7hills4_001b 7hills6_001b 7hills7_001b



adds: for anyone heading off on holiday soon, stay safe and have fun. Pookes, we’ll speak when you get back! 🙂


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