Saucy postcard humour

We have a long standing tradition of what’s known as ‘saucy seaside postcards’ here in the UK.

Usually feautring all manner of ‘double entendre’, or suggestive tagline, a couple of examples are shown below.



Of course, nudists feature strongly in the work of the artists who produced these cards.

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In fact, much of that ‘saucy’ approach, and bad puns, seem to dominate the UK media’s view of naturism even now.

I can’t replicate the style or art of the postcards, but when doing a shoot at the Psy City sim I spotted a record sleeve outside a second-hand record store, and the ‘saucy postcard’ opportunity presented itself to me. I couldn’t resist it!



With hindsight, doing it in the style of a motivational poster wasn’t the best idea, I might have been better opting for a different style, but there’s certainly something quintessentially British in the way our brains are wired to observe such things!


Skin Focus

I don’t change skins too often. Maybe the winter into summer change of a more tanned skin, and back again in winter would be about the extent of it. There’s nothing sillier than a milk-white skin in summer, a post-atomic blast deep tan skin in winter. Despite this, skins are something I definitely keep aclose eye on and will readily buy if one takes my fancy. And I’ll readily buy it precisely because I’m an SL naturist, and so the skin becomes ‘the outfit’. With more (all!) of it on display, it’s important how it looks.

And one thing that irritates me is some bloggers continuing need to censor skins, particularly relating to the bits that often need to be displayed, namely breasts and the genital area. These, quite often, are the bits we need to see! Nipples, for example, vary from skin to skin, and there are those skins whose darker, pinker or paler nipples don’t really match my preferred look. Equally, the female genital area does vary on skins, from totally shaved to some evidence of pubic hair in a variety of (usually) heavily trimmed styles, from triangle to brazilian runway. I would like to see skins ‘in full effect’ before declaring an expression of interest.

So thumbs up to Myhatersmotivateme and yermawm blogs for ‘daring’ to show skins ‘in full effect’.censored1_001

The emphasis, as it is on so much in SL, is on female skins, but yermawm does feature male skins too, albeit with their models’ ‘attributes’ hidden in a thong or swim trunks. Again, I would like to see ‘the full package’ (!). While not directly relevant to me (obviously), it would be interesting, I think, to see how the skin ‘joins’ with male genitalia, how colours match and so on. Often, particularly if the male opts for a ‘shaved’ look, that join between body and genitalia is awkward. And something I’ve noted is that this ‘join’ is now becoming more of an issue in respect of the current fad for breast enhancements, where the matching of that join between mega-boobies and the skin’s own tone is somewhat problematic.censored2_001

I would like to to try breast enhancements (hey! I’m a middle-aged woman in RL, and gravity has had an effect on me, so these might give a more realistic look to my SL avatar) but evidence of mis-matched skin colours, and the obvious nature of the prim-boobies, are kind of putting me off a little.

If anyone has successfully made the prim-boobie join invisible, I’d love to hear from you!