Another day, another airport

Here I am, waiting at another airport (Frankfurt am Main, this time) for a flight back to the UK. Time to kill, and not really enough time here (I arrived in Germany mid-morning yesterday) to justify packing proper cameras. So I’ve killed time by doing a little post-production on the photo Ella posted yesterday. I’ve never tried uploading to the website directly from an iphone before so I hope it all formats correctly. (It didn’t, Harry, so I’ve reworked it : Ella)

IMG_5797I was immediately struck by this photo which is [a reproduction of] a painting (the artist’s name is unknown to me, sadly).

With this in mind I’ve captured Ella’s photo on the iphone from the web and spent about half an hour tinkering with it on the various apps I have for photo manipulation. I’ve done this sort of thing before, but can’t directly hotlink to it from my phone, so I’ll either hyperlink it when I get home or ask Ella to perhaps hyperlink to a previous iphone manipulation post if she sees this post before I get home (and maybe tidy the post up if the formatting is wrong?) [done! all editing undertaken inside square brackets: Ella]

Here’s a small selection of the different filters and looks I’ve achieved on the iphone.

IMG_5816 IMG_5828 IMG_5837 IMG_5840



[edited by Ella to repair incorrect iphone posting format]