Oh! Calcutta!

Anyone old enough to remember the furore surround ‘Oh, Calcutta!’, a theatre revue that debuted in the 1960s? You can read about its background here. Most of the controversy revolved around *sigh* nudity, both male and female, and full-frontal at that. Oh_Calcutta_NY_1969 We were discussing, weeks ago in ‘the office’, nudity in film, and the differential between actors and actresses. For the female, nudity is often ‘essential to the plot’ (hmmmm!) while actors, generally, get to keep their boxer shorts on. (Making love in those, fellas? Your girlfriend/wife in the film must love that!) Discussion, via Barbara, turned to Oh! Calcutta! (a play on words from a painting by Clovis Trouille, its title being the French phrase “oh quel cul t’as” translates roughly as “oh what a lovely ass you have”) 4211989_1891c0cfd2_m

oh quel cul t’as

Eventually, discussion came around to stage nudity. I said that, despite being a naturist all of my adult life, I would find it remarkably difficult to strip off on stage. Yes! I can walk the length of a beach where maybe 2000 people will see me totally naked, but stepping out onto a stage of 500 or 1000 (clothed) people would be a totally different proposition.


Well, Harry set me a challenge. 🙂

Thankfully, there was no one in the theatre at the time…but I did do something in SL I’m unlikely to ever do in RL, and that’s tread the boards nude!

theatre11_001b theatre12_001b

I particularly like the second photo. It gives a sense of vulnerability in the context. The only thing missing is an audience! 🙂

Next time….perhaps!!!!


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