The UK’s current heatwave has a beneficial effect for British naturism

The BBC reports that people are applying to join naturist clubs during the current heatwave.

This got me thinking….does there come a tipping point in the temperature, or the prolonged duration of that temperature, where nudity seems an attractive proposition?

I’m guessing that, like me, there are literally thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of British citizens who have ditched the currently unnecesary extra layer of nighties and pyjamas in order to seek a more comfortable sleeping option (although my own preference is to be nude in bed all year round…it’s only particularly harsh weather that would have me running for clothing in bed)

Were summers to always be like this, would Brits become a nation of naturists?


Does the news report suggest that, at a certain point, people who maybe haven’t been naturist before are consciously thinking that nudity is simply a more logical choice? Or are they more of the ‘holiday naturist’ variety who reason that they’d strip off at these temperatures on Mediterranean coasts, so why not join up to a club to ‘legally’ pursue naturism at home? I suspect the latter, but would hope for it to be the former. Either way, it invigorates British naturism, and that can’t be a bad thing!

One of the clubs mentioned in the news report is a naturist walking/hiking group. With this in mind, we’ve set up a couple of appropriate photos, taken at Eden Naturopolis, always a good place for a naked ramble!

nude walker1_001b nude walker2_001b

Note that you will find the rucksack, a nice accessory for added realism, in your inventory. It’s part of the library your avatar is ‘born’ with, and I’m sure many of you can utilise this in your everyday second lives, naturist or not.



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