Naked Chess

Now here’s something I have done in real life! 🙂 Naked chess!

We stayed at a naturist hotel in Spain a few years back and they had a giant chess set outdoors (right beside the naked mini-golf and naked table tennis…we must photoessay those too!)

I stirred Mr.Keng from his RL sunbathing to briefly log in and replicate what we did a number of years ago in the BC years (before children!)

You’ll find the chess board here (note that it isn’t a naturist sim)

chess_001b chess2_001b chess3_001b




Edited to add: I’ve added a photo from the Vera Playa Club Hotel, where we stayed and played naked chess! 🙂


When the chores are over….get out of those dungarees


My Saturday chores over, the carpets are swept, the place dusted, beds changed, laundry done, I’ve worked up a bit of a glow, so I remember just why it is I moved into a beach house


I can’t wait! Time to get down out of my work wear. 


The water feels great! It almost makes a hard Saturday morning’s work worth it, just to feel the cool refreshing water of the ocean



I could stay here for hours!


But it’s back to the house for a proper shower


Life’s good sometimes!

paint7Coffee, a cigarette, and a couple of home made biscuits! Yum!

Something a little different today. The storyline was suggested by reader Ofra, who had initially pointed me at the Sens half-down dungarees as having ‘accessory potential’. They do! They’re mesh, they’re free on a lucky board (I’ve not been lucky enough to be there to snag a letter ‘E’ yet) and they’re available here.

I liked the idea of a narrative, based purely on one item of clothing that does accessorise the naturist experience (you could wear it with a bikini top or tank top if you’re shy!) and I think we’re all agreed that it’s a style we will repeat in future. Thanks, Ofra! 🙂 And, of course, Ofra does wriggle out of those dungarees pretty quickly, thus creating her own naturist experience in a non-naturist sim.

Concept and captions by Ofra

Photographs by Diane Toxx

Dungarees available from Sens. (L$0, lucky board)

Photos taken at Land’s End.