Issue 9: Around the clubs

mike at sweden with textIn what will become something of a ‘theme’ in magazine issues of SLN, we’ll take a whistle-stop tour around the main SL naturist sims on a regular basis, report on any recent changes to them, and get our intrepid photographers to document life on those sims 🙂

fanny sweden5_with text

I have to say that it’s terrific to tp into any of our favourite naturist sims and find plenty of activity taking place. Is it because it’s summer? Is it just an organic build up of avatars discovering, liking and returning to a place? Is it a salutory lesson for sim builders that if you stick with your vision you will build an audience? Are too many people building sims, failing to find an audience immediately and giving up on their dream?

jaco1_001b jaco2_001b jaco6_001b

diane1_001b diane7_001b

Either we’ve missed it before, or it’s new, but the Eden Tiercel sim is new to us. That’s the great thing about Eden. It is so vast that there’s always something new to discover each time you visit. I can pretty much guarantee dropping in, wandering around and finding something new and exciting to enjoy.

dianesucasa_001b dianesucasa4_001b

You may have noticed photos credited to Diane Toxx. Diane is our new SLN staff photographer (don’t worry, Harry’s still going to be contributing! 🙂 ) and we’ll be introducing Diane fully in a subsequent SLN post. One of the great things about having her on board is that she’s been exploring the various sims with fresh eyes, and maybe spotting things we take for granted. In the two photos above, taken at Su Casa, she’s explored the little island off the main part of Su Casa.

pablo7hills2_001b pablo7hills4_001b

7 Hills re-opened a while back. In its former guise it was legendary, and it rather looks as though the aim is to build up the sim, slowly and surely. There are lots of recent additions to it, including the barbecue area and the bar. These new developments are well worth checking out.

Reporting by Pookes, Barbara and Ella.

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