SLN 9 : Naturist Profiles No.6 : Justine

One of the people I’ve had as a friend, pretty much the entire length of my SL, is Justine. Unfortunately, she’s an irregular user, partly a result of the job she does in RL, one that will involve long hours and regular periods away from her computer.

But she’s an interesting character, as she is pretty much ‘living the dream’ many naturists would like to live.

What follows is an interview, or series of interviews/IMs, that have been conducted over many months (the initial plan was to have her profiled in SLN5! : Ella) and involved me ‘interviewing’ her off and on, and eventually getting her online long enough to conduct a photo session for us.


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself first.

Justine: I’m in my late 30s, and I’m a naturist. I also work in the naturist travel industry. 🙂justine3_001b

Q: Which is what makes you such an interesting person for us to interview. What do you do, and how did you get into that?

J: I won’t say what it is I do now. The fact that I’m English, and working in a very small sector means that it would be relatively easy to track me down in RL, so you’ll forgive me for not giving my current employment. What I will say is that I’ve previously been office staff for a naturist publication and worked for a naturist holiday business that went out of business a while back. I’ve also been part of the staff in a couple of naturist campsites in France, and worked in a restaurant in a naturist location in Spain. I’m not sure how I got into it. I grew up naturist. My parents were naturist. My father has passed away, but my mother would still head for the beaches given half a chance, and she’s in her 70s now. I was just in the right place at the right time. I asked for a job and got it. Everything else has followed off that.

Q: Hard work? Long hours?justine5_001b

J: Yes. We operate in the season from Easter until the end of October. I’m trying to squeeze a year’s salary into 6-7 months work, so yes, long hours and hard work and not much time off. But it means I can indulge in a lifestyle I adore.

Q: So where’s home now?justine6_001b

Pookes interviews Justine in the cool air of the church at ‘Naked Dreams’

J: Home is Spain now. I would imagine Spain will always be home from now on. I really can’t see myself returning to England. I’m essentially unemployed in the winter months, so my daily naturism would be the indoor pool at the complex I live on. A daily swim and occasionally days that are warm enough to permit a bit of sunbathing. If I can pick up some waitressing in the winter it’s a bonus. But my job is basically naturist related, in summertime.justine7_001b

Justine and Pookes at Naked Dreams

Q: How often do you get to play SL?

J: Irregularly! Almost not at all in summer. Winter time’s better for me. I’ve time on my hands, and that’s when you’ll find me in SL much more often.

Q: Do you have a favourite sim?

J: Each has a different feel to it, so I tend to drop into each according to mood. I’ve no definite favourite. I just appreciate what each of the builders have provided for us.


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