Flip Flop Report

You can read Expedia’s ‘Flip Flop Report’, and current attitudes to a myriad of beach-related matters here.


© 2013 Expedia

I’ve edited out a section of a very readable infographic from the web page to show attitudes to toplessness (interesting coming off the back of our reporting on it in Issue 9)

I’ve also edited out a section of text relating to toplessness or nudity.


© 2013 Expedia

Despite what the reporting says, SLN remains a solidly popular read in Asia, and I guess that there’s just as much interest in RL naturism amongst Asians as there is in the SL variant of it. One thing I would add, though, is that reading the report leads one to the conclusion that there remains some confusion between ‘topless’ and ‘nude’ -a confusion that also sometimes exists amongst bloggers and website authors and contributors, with the two terms being seemingly interchangeable. To me, they’re not. Topless should always mean that…females with bikini tops off. Nude should mean just that…totally nude. And these are the definitions we rigidly apply in SLN.




(Ella adds…I’ve just had a look at the website and ‘speedoes’ seem to offend a lot of people 🙂 as much as they confuse Diane in this post )

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