Streak for Tigers

Last night, London Zoo carried out a ‘streak for tigers’, to raise awareness of the plight of the Sumatran tiger, of which there are only 300 left in the wild.

A nice bit of fundraising and media maipulation, it must be said. ‘Nude’ events will generally have some sort of media interest. So…limited to 300 participants, there was a ‘streak’ (haven’t heard that word for years!) inside the zoo, with participants given tiger masks to hide their identity, if they so wished, and agreeing to be photographed by the media as the zoo tries to raise awareness of the issue. And I’ve just learned that the collective noun for tigers is a ‘streak’, so the whole event has been beautifully worked out.

London’s Metro newspaper has a gallery of the event.

The Daily Mail carries a report today (although it’s clear that AFP/Getty seem to have been the official photographers, with the same shots used in many media reports).

The Daily Mirror has slightly different photos.

A video of the event is here (it’s from a TV news perspective, not a voyeuristic thing). You’ll learn as much about the plight of the Sumatran tiger as you will see naked bodies!

Anyway, the event raised £60,000 ($93,000 or 70,000 euro at today’s exchange rate, so well done to all concerned!

And, of course, you can’t accuse us at SLN of not entering into the spirit of the thing! 🙂

tiger1_001_Sprout_20130816 tiger2_001_Sprout_20130816

You can do your very own ‘tiger streak’ by wearing the head from the tiger avatar you all have in your inventory!

Of course, that has piqued my interest. Perhaps it’s time we, the naturist community of Second Life, did our own ‘nude run’ for charity. Give me your ideas, please, on a digital postcard!


nb: as the photos in various media outlets are obviously subject to copyright of AFP/Getty & London Zoo, I’ve chosen not to reproduce them within this post. If you wish to see them, click the links.

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