A nude beach outfit?????

Dash over to Total Eclipse Couture, immediately you’ve finished reading this post!

Why? Because I’ve found the perfect outfit for the nudist beach! 🙂

I can see you looking confused. Let me explain. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this particular ensemble on nudist beaches. Ladies will arrive in cut off jean shorts and a tank top ensemble. Then they’ll get stripped off after setting up their sun umbrella, laid out their towel and rummaged in their beach bag for sun tan lotion, sunglasses, book or ipod.

In the meantime, the man in their life will have stripped off completely and either gone for a swim or got himself laid out on his towel.

clem nudebeachoutfirt1_001_Sprout_20130820

The full outfit, mesh denim shorts and purple T shirt, is available from Total Eclipse Couture (L$0, with L$0 group join fee)

clem nudebeachoutfirt3_001_Sprout_20130820

Our model has eventually taken off her tank top and gone to check just how warm the sea might be today.


In the meantime, her partner has gone fully nude and is eagerly eyeing up the water


He patiently waits on his towel, hoping that his girl can stop rummaging through her bag for something that isn’t very important at this moment.


Finally, he gives up and heads for the sea, urging his girl to hurry up, get naked, and join him in the warm, summer, waters.