Summer’s dog days, and time to enjoy the pool

Over at Feeb’s Sale room you’ll find an utterly fabulous pool floatie/dinghy/mat thing. I’m not sure what I should call it.

Anyway, for L$50, it’s yours! And it’s one of the best L$50 bills you’ll ever part with. There’s 19 animations in total.

As summer drifts to a close, we often get what’s called in Britain an ‘Indian summer‘. That is, the weather picks up the instant the kids go back to school in September. I note from the wiki link that many other countries have their own names for it. Essentially, it’s ‘unseasonally warm autumn/fall weather’.

Ideal for lazing by the pool in anticipation of an imminent return to school or university, or being lucky enough to have taken late summer holidays.

Maria, our model, doesn’t like swimming, so she’s clung close to the pool steps in case she capsizes! 🙂maria pool5_001_Sprout_20130823 maria pool6_001_Sprout_20130823 maria pool7_001_Sprout_20130823

I’ve not put this in ‘Naturist Accessories’ because I don’t know how long it’ll be there, but it’s well worth every penny, and I know I’ll be buying a copy of this for my own inventory.