Walk the walk for Go Topless Day.

There’s not much point in us ‘talking the talk’ about top-free rights if we aren’t prepared to walk the walk too.

The brief was ‘denim and topless’, and I’m pleased to say that all of us on the staff  (as well as a few old friends) have provided contributions to this post. All of the photos were specifically taken at non-naturist (or clothing-optional) sims.

gotopless areola4_001b


gotopless barbara2_001b


gotopless diane5_001b


gotopless ella7_001b


gotopless pookes3_001b



I also put a shout out to everyone in my friends list (at least, those I know to remain active in SL), and we’ve got a companion piece to this post, wherein SL readers, basically, also show their support for ‘Go Topless Day’. That will follow tomorrow, Sunday, the actual day of the event itself. 🙂