Sweden re-opened!

I’m delighted to report (we’re a bit behind the news with this one) that Evacaroline has decided to re-open Sweden Naturist. The url is the same as that found on our links page.

One small difference: Eva has made it ‘members only’, with a very small fee of L$100 to join. Anyone who previously joined the ‘Sweden’ group can still access the sim. A members’ fee will hopefully discourage idiot griefers who created the circumstances in which Eva closed it briefly. Remember: Sweden Naturist has been running for goodness knows how long…certainly the full length of my SL, and a membership fee isn’t Eva being greedy. Goodness knows how little that will go to cover her tier costs. Eva is a very, very good friend of SL naturism and should be supported. I would like to thank her for re-opening the sim, and standing firm in the face of SL trolls who occasionally do their best to spoil things for the rest of us.

I fully support her decision to charge an exceptionally small membership fee if it discourages the idiots.


Pippa gets caught in the grass watering system at Sweden Naturist


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