Critical bike ride



The photo above reminded me that we recently put a shout out for builders who might be able to aid in the development of a ‘Critical Tits‘ naked bike ride at the forthcoming SL Burning Man festival. We’ll rent the plot and provide a multi bike rezzer to enact a version of that Burning Man event…if someone knows how to design flags, banners etc that we could utilise as part of the build.

I did try to find a penny-farthing bicycle in SL in order to get one of my umm….more mature SL friends ( 🙂 sorry Jim!) to re-enact the photo for your benefit, but failed. However, we did find a multi-bike rezzer we could use if we can get the event to grow legs, so it wasn’t an entirely wasted day.

jim bike_001b_Sprout_20130828 jim bike2_001b_Sprout_20130828 jim bike3_001b_Sprout_20130828



We’re still in the market, so if you can build, please get in touch! Pookes (IM ‘Eva Pookes’) will be co-ordinating the event if we do manage to bring it to fruition.