Exploring the rain


My ‘nude beach outfit’ post, a few days ago, pointed you in the direction of a nice tank top and denim shorts set, a very familiar outfit on ladies heading to and from a naturist beach.

One of our readers, Hunni, took my advice and hopped over there. And having done so, she then did a little bit of exploration around the sim (there are teleporters right beside where you tp in), reporting back that there were some very photogenic spots to be explored. Well, I got Hunni to head on back there and take a selection of photos herself, neither of our intrepid photographers being online at that moment.

I’ve also checked out the place and I’m thrilled to report that it contains some rain. After sim after sim of relentless sunshine, sometimes a little change to the weather feels good.

I’m glad to see that it shows itself in one of Hunni’s photographs (the last one of the set).

honey1 honey2 honey3 honey4 honey5 rain


A homage to BN magazine

For those of you who don’t know, BN stands for ‘British Naturism‘, the official voice of naturism in the United Kingdom.


Te cover photo was taken at Nudefest, which took place in Cornwall in England in July, during a (rare) British heatwave. We reported on it back then, and I have to say I was greatly taken by the idea of naked firewalking. While I couldn’t make it there myself, I have some friends who did make it to Nudefest and who did, indeed, participate in the firewalking, declaring it to be an exhilirating experience.

And so…in a sort of homage to the Autumn (Fall, for you north American tea-tax evading revolutionaries from King George III 🙂 ) issue of BN magazine, I’ve got Harry (yes, he still works here!) to mock up a version of the real thing. Please note that there’s not an actual magazine to accompany this mock-up. SLN 10 will appear later in the year, with work already underway on it.

BNreplica completeElla

Topless Tuesdays

Hi! Back from my holidays, refreshed and ready to go with another year’s hot bloggin’ on SLN! 🙂

Topless Tuesdays….hmmm…not my idea, not our idea, but the idea of another SL blogger, Uccello Poultry, who runs the Poultry Report blog.

Better still, Uccello isn’t afraid of a bit of skin showing (at least on Tuesdays), as the concept has it’s own Topless Tuesdays flickr page.

We approve. 🙂

We also approve of the general mood and feel of Uccello’s blog, the memes, the writing, the photography, everything!!!! So much so, in fact, it has become a ‘must see’ page each time I’m in the SL mood.

I like blogs like this, with their exploration of different elements of SL, videos and so on, and I feel inspired by it, as it has provided food for thought and probably a re-evaluation on how I run a little bit of my own SL.

France was fantastic, by the way. Three weeks of endless naturist sunshine at a campsite called La Jenny, without the interruption of (much) technology. No computers, no phone signal in some parts of it. Yeah, yeah, I know! Before we went I may have mentioned that we’d maybe tour around some naturist campsites. The reality is we got out of the car, pitched our tent, looked at each other and said ‘we ain’t moving from here!’

OK…back to Topless Tuesdays. I’m not about to re-print other people’s work, but the images in the flickr group are superb, so go visit! I’ve never used flickr as a contributor for anything, so I’m not sure how it all works, other than image searches, sometimes for this blog, link me through to it. So rather than reproduce work by others, I decided I’d  do my own ‘Topless Tuesday’ (even though it’s now Wednesday) and bump up a few images captured at ‘The Trace’ sim, which Harry has used before.

pookes topless tuesdays22_001bc_Sprout_20130821

I’m wearing the shorts for that ‘nude beach outfit’ Ella mentioned the other day, and posing furiously in front of a massive ferris wheel. I also took a ride on it, and that’s a new SL experience for me. It was lovely to just sit and watch a very photogenic sim float by.

pookes topless tuesdays6_001

I also ended up with a little photo-essay on how I a) started grafitti taggin’ my name on the side of the…heh, heh, heh…police station at the Trace sim, and b) ended up in jail! I think I’ll post that little story tomorrow 🙂

What I would do is suggest to you that you visit…wherever you want!!!!!…and take some photos that can be added to the Topless Tuesdays flickr page. (Please don’t send them to us, we didn’t think of the idea, and we aren’t stealing anyone’s thunder).

And just popping back through our own pages, I notice next Sunday is ‘Go Topless’ day. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Go topless on Sunday, in support of that great cause, and then get the photos up on the Topless Tuesdays flickr page next Tuesday?


Japanese Pearl Fishers

Discovery of the photographs below have sent me scurrying to the internet for some background information, which seems to be quite sparse.

3 5

The name of this traditionally styled undergarment is the ‘fundoshi’ (certainly for men, my apologies if the women’s variant has a slightly different name). 

7 10 015-2 Ama_900

I did find an article here, which identifies the women as the ‘ama’ (?), the wives and girlfriends of Japanese fishermen, who were employed as pearl fishers. The cost, both in economic and human terms -the dangers of pearl hunting in cold, dangerous waters is obvious- made pearls an expensive item in the past.

‘Mikimoto’ pearl fishers brings up more internet exploration, but I think ‘mikimoto’ may well be the Japanese word for ‘pearl’, as well as some sort of five star brand of itself. I’m not sure, but it’s less relevant to this post than the photos that led me to explore further. I would be delighted if any of our Japanese readers could tell me if I’m factually wrong, on any point, in this post. Please write and tell me if I’ve made any errors in the text.

4 11

While the rest of the photos look genuine, this sepia tinted print looks like it might have been ‘staged’.


Notice how the women’s shorts are all in a similar pattern, as if this is some kind of ‘uniform’. Perhaps they identify individual fishing ‘houses’ or ‘fleets’.


While our perception of Japanese people may be different, the photo above shows a ready ease with semi-nudity amongst the fisher-people. Here, some women, one holding an infant, are comfortably topless while their menfolk appear behind, oblivious to their women-folk’s nudity.


While these vintage photographs all show the women routinely ‘topless’, google searches show photographs of fully-clad, modern-day fisher-folk. I suspect that this is less to do with an increasing modesty, but more an increased awareness of safety concerns. I would imagine that the full body suits of today offer more protection against hypothermia.


The ‘fundoshi’ (referred to above) is shown here in a variety of styles in a typical Japanese ‘manga’ representation.

The ‘fundoshi’ is a traditional Japanese undergarment for men. You may be familiar with it in a variant called ‘mawashi’…the loincloth worn by Sumo wrestlers.

It’s only recently that fundoshi for women have been manufactured, apparently, with sales exceeding all expectations(1).

fundoshi-women-girl-japan-beach fundoshi-women-naked-festival-japan-adult-video

I suppose that the western perception of the Japanese is a nation with sometimes polarised attitudes to sexuality and nudity. On one hand, there’s Manga comics which would contain highly sexualised cartoon stories, while on the other there wouldn’t really be a Japanese naturist tradition. And then there’s the Onsen, Japanese bath houses, where the sexes, certainly in the past, freely mixed nude (or loincloth clad) during their bathing rituals. My next contribution to the blog will be the tradition of the onsen in a SL context. Several exist.

While continuing my research, I found an exceptionally interesting article on Japanese attitudes to nudity here.

So…where’s all this leading in ‘Second Life Naturist’ blogzine? Good question.

pear fisher2_001_Fotor_Sprout_20130820

Our model, wearing a ‘fundoshi’ in the style of the vintage photos, swims down to look for pearls.

While Harry has his own, new blog, he’s not lost to SLN entirely. So we’ve been discussing him doing a set of photos that capture the essence of these vintage pearl fisher-women. You can see an extensive set at SLFineArtNudes.

Research source(s)

(1) wiki, referencing the Japanese company Wacoal.


A nude beach outfit?????

Dash over to Total Eclipse Couture, immediately you’ve finished reading this post!

Why? Because I’ve found the perfect outfit for the nudist beach! 🙂

I can see you looking confused. Let me explain. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this particular ensemble on nudist beaches. Ladies will arrive in cut off jean shorts and a tank top ensemble. Then they’ll get stripped off after setting up their sun umbrella, laid out their towel and rummaged in their beach bag for sun tan lotion, sunglasses, book or ipod.

In the meantime, the man in their life will have stripped off completely and either gone for a swim or got himself laid out on his towel.

clem nudebeachoutfirt1_001_Sprout_20130820

The full outfit, mesh denim shorts and purple T shirt, is available from Total Eclipse Couture (L$0, with L$0 group join fee)

clem nudebeachoutfirt3_001_Sprout_20130820

Our model has eventually taken off her tank top and gone to check just how warm the sea might be today.


In the meantime, her partner has gone fully nude and is eagerly eyeing up the water


He patiently waits on his towel, hoping that his girl can stop rummaging through her bag for something that isn’t very important at this moment.


Finally, he gives up and heads for the sea, urging his girl to hurry up, get naked, and join him in the warm, summer, waters.


Go Topless Day (2)



Picking up on the ‘Topless Day’ theme, I discovered this image on line while doing further research on the topic. I think the fact that the subject is a young mother throws the photograph into even sharper relief, honing in on not only the right to equality, but the fact that her breasts exist for a reason, and that’s to nourish her child. This image is from a previous New York ‘Go Topless’ Day.

This year’s event is only a week away. Let’s ensure we also make our support for it known within Second Life, by going topless in solidarity with the campaign next week. Unfortunately, due to my recent job change, this has sneaked up on me too quickly to cover it as thoroughly as I would have wished, but we’ll try to keep abreast of it all in the coming seven days.



A date for your diary: Go Topless Day, August 26th

August 26th is Go Topless Day, when women all around the world will organise marches to coinicide with what is, in the USA, Women’s Equality Day.

The Go Topless movement have a website here where you can read more about where you might find a march near you.

Essentially, the US declared August 26th, in 1971, to be Women’s Equality Day, women in the US having been grated the right to vote, on that date, in 1920 (the 19th Amendment to the US constitution).

We, women, still have a long way to go in achieving full equality in certain aspects of our lives, wherever we live. In some places, women still don’t have the vote, such as Brunei or the United Arab Emirates. Saudia Arabia still doesn’t allow women to vote, but that will change in 2015. In Saudi Arabia, women ‘can’t’ drive for a variety of reasons. While the practice can and does occur, particularly in rural areas, generally the practice is frowned upon to the point where it doesn’t, in the main, happen. Women in Saudi have segregated buses in some places, with separate entrances to them, and some bus companies refuse to take women at all. I strongly advise you read the wiki entry on women’s rights in Saudi.

But before we should become too smug about our very enlightened ‘western democracies’, consider the attitudes to breastfeeding in public around the globe. Here, it’s those ‘western democracies’ who often lag behind. Those ‘western democracies’ have often shown scant regard for the right of a mother to feed an infant in the way nature intended.

Facebook has a ban on photos of breastfeeding mothers, declaring it to be ‘offensive’.

Western media outlets go faint at the very idea of bare breasted women on, say, news programmes, but have no such problem with images of rockets being fired into villages of certain locations around the world where our so-enlightened western democracies wish to impose their values on others.

Only this past week, I witnessed UK one news programme that was heavily edited to exlcude ‘naughty bits’ from the streak for Tigers around London Zoo (we posted on this event here) yet had no such problem showing row upon row of corpses in a Cairo mosque during Egypt’s ongoing violence. What, exactly, is the more upsetting image?

So it’s clear there’s a lot of hypocrisy and double standards involved, particularly in the aspect of breasts.

Again, our enlightened western democracies have, for decades, used photos of topless women (‘Page 3 girls’ in the UK, although there are variants around the globe) to help sell newspapers, while hypocritically thundering on about sexual assaults when it was their own papers who overly sexualised the female breast.

And our own beloved SL isn’t beyond criticism. Bloggers and stores alike often seem to suffer from nipple-phobia. Skin designers carefully construct their project, taking time and care to make nipples as lifelike as possible (and there’s as many nipple/areola types as there are skin tones!) and then stick pasties over them in their own stores so we can’t see the full and proper effect.

To highlight the ridiculous aspect of top-freedom, males are being asked to accompany their female significant other on the marches, and wear one of their partner’s bras or bikini tops! 😮

As ever, we’re delighted to enter into the spirit of the campaign, which we fully support.

Perhaps, on August 26th, we shall see you go about your daily SL top-free, in support of the campaign, or perhaps encouraging your significant other to wear a bra in support of it!

shopping topless2_001_Sprout_20130817 male bra_001_Sprout_20130817



Streak for Tigers

Last night, London Zoo carried out a ‘streak for tigers’, to raise awareness of the plight of the Sumatran tiger, of which there are only 300 left in the wild.

A nice bit of fundraising and media maipulation, it must be said. ‘Nude’ events will generally have some sort of media interest. So…limited to 300 participants, there was a ‘streak’ (haven’t heard that word for years!) inside the zoo, with participants given tiger masks to hide their identity, if they so wished, and agreeing to be photographed by the media as the zoo tries to raise awareness of the issue. And I’ve just learned that the collective noun for tigers is a ‘streak’, so the whole event has been beautifully worked out.

London’s Metro newspaper has a gallery of the event.

The Daily Mail carries a report today (although it’s clear that AFP/Getty seem to have been the official photographers, with the same shots used in many media reports).

The Daily Mirror has slightly different photos.

A video of the event is here (it’s from a TV news perspective, not a voyeuristic thing). You’ll learn as much about the plight of the Sumatran tiger as you will see naked bodies!

Anyway, the event raised £60,000 ($93,000 or 70,000 euro at today’s exchange rate, so well done to all concerned!

And, of course, you can’t accuse us at SLN of not entering into the spirit of the thing! 🙂

tiger1_001_Sprout_20130816 tiger2_001_Sprout_20130816

You can do your very own ‘tiger streak’ by wearing the head from the tiger avatar you all have in your inventory!

Of course, that has piqued my interest. Perhaps it’s time we, the naturist community of Second Life, did our own ‘nude run’ for charity. Give me your ideas, please, on a digital postcard!


nb: as the photos in various media outlets are obviously subject to copyright of AFP/Getty & London Zoo, I’ve chosen not to reproduce them within this post. If you wish to see them, click the links.

Hedonists Beach Resort

After an unplanned absence, for reasons previously explained, I’m back.

As usual, whenever I’ve had an unplanned break, or simply not been in world for a few days, my first reaction is to go around the usual places to check changes, then do a search to see if new locations have appeared where we can virtually indulge ourselves in naturism.

It’s summer, so SL activity is slightly flattened, and even most of the SLN staff aren’t contributing much. This isn’t intended as a criticism, they contribute all year around, for nothing other than my thanks, and they’re entitled, as we all are, to a vacation, in RL and from SL.

So while things are slightly flat in the world of SL naturism, and likely to remain so until schools/universities go back in September, and we all watch darkening nights with a sense of dread, and SL activity picks up again as people move indoors, it’s delightful to find that somewhere relatively new has emerged at the Hedonists Beach Resort.

I popped on over there, I discovered it through a search, and had a look around, before asking Diane, our new photographer, to do a photo essay on the place.

The expectations are that it’ll become a members only place on September 1st, so you’ve a couple of weeks to pop over there, check it out, join for free or face membership costs! 🙂

I wondered if it would replicate the real life Hedonism resort in Jamaica, but thankfully it seems a bit more upmarket than being an exhibitionists/swingers place. Sure, there are cuddle/sex beds, but these are pretty discreet. Nothing ‘in your face’, so it ticks the boxes for SLN. In fact, some people who tp’ed in while I was there were clothed (I was too, I pretty much can guarantee at least a bikini in place for my initial tp into a new place) and I’d guess, if anything, it’s possibly more ‘clothing optional’ than strictly demanded naturist.

It has a ‘tiki’ emphasis, architecturally, but a few Ostsee (Baltic) styled beach huts were around. And then I discovered an ivy-encrusted walkway and thought ‘wow! this looks fabulous!’.

And it’s at that point that I got our new photographer, Diane, to tp in and start snapping away. And the photos look incredible!

There’s new photography software being used, and hopefully they’ll add a whole new dimension to the posts in both Diane’s and Harry’s work.

So I’ll hand over to Diane to talk us through her photos of the place…



Ella suggested a ‘midnight setting, and I have to say that this is where Hedonists beach Resort really does look ‘the business’. I’ve done no editing on the photos in the

collage (above), and rather easily captured a mood of the place after dark. These were all taken on a multi-levelled ‘garden’ on a rocky outcrop at the sim, and it’s certainly

something that feels like a new SL experience to me. 


Our model poses after a little post-production. It’s nice to see that

there’s mesh on the windows of the tiki hut photographed here,

as it’ll certainly keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay!


Time to chill out in the hot tub. While I photographd this in daylight,

the night time variation of it looks superb too.

diane hedonists5_001_FotorFinally, for now at least, I decided I should do at least one self-portrait 🙂

so here I am dancing behind a wall of beautiful lights.

We’ll be keen to see just how the sim develops, but I’m going to say that it has made more than a promising start in terms of the build, the facilities, and an understanding that intimate moments can be shared away from the main activities. A great sim, and one we’ll look forward to re-visiting.

Main Text : Ella

Photo captions and photos: Diane

Apologies for the absence of posts…



…but I’m in the middle of a job change. 🙂 This wasn’t planned or even anticipated, but the offer was good enough for me to say ‘yes’ to, despite thinking I’d be where I was for the immediate future.

No changes to the blog, though, and we’ll have brand new shiny posts up towards the end of this week now that the whole induction process into my new job finishes tomorrow.