Bigger sized

Relax, everyone! I’ve not caught Mr. Keng in the arms of another, or cheating on me, or cybering with someone 🙂

mr keng and SLNmodel

It’s ‘me’, using my alt, set to a ‘larger’ size, so better to understand the problems that ‘plus’ sizes may encounter in SL or RL.

I’m not on the ‘plus’ size, in RL or in SL, but it must be noted that many women are of a larger size, and some even try to replicate that in SL. And so my alt has been operating for a good bit of the afternoon, as we try to dodge RL showers, and coming to an understanding that, if you do operate a larger sized avatar, mesh simply doesn’t work!

Here, my ‘plus’ sized alt has snagged a recent mesh freebie, a denim shorts and tank top ensemble we previously blogged.

`sln model plus sized_001b

Not bad. But with the mesh set to the ‘XL’ size, it’s just managing to do its job -note the fabric breaks at the cuffs on the shorts.

`sln model plus sized nude_001b

Nude, I don’t think you can say she looks unattractive. On the plus size, yes, but not ugly by any stretch of the imagination. (nb: no prim breasts here, they’re just maxed on the sliders).

And yet if I try other mesh clothing, at an L or XL size on her, they don’t work! Perhaps clothes designers need to take note: an mesh size in XXL, or even XXXL, would widen the scope for plus sized avatars.

My point? In life, we aren’t all one size. In naturism, with older people being part of the gig, XL bodies, worn with supreme confidence, are a regular occurrence. And those older, fuller-figured people, male and female, have enough body confidence to carry it off. I love the fact that no bodies, in naturism, are perfect. And having spoken to other naturists, who celebrate my slim figure…well, they don’t know the list of things that I find imperfect about me. We all have our issues. The problem is not letting them rule our lives.

I’m sure that those people who do run fuller figured avatars bemoan what fuller figured people in RL would say…’I can’t get fashionable clothes to fit’.

The answer, perhaps, is to join the naturist movement in SL, and maybe in RL too, where people will be non-judgemental about your size, and where the best suit you own -your birthday suit- will always fit perfectly.


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