Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) day 1 (b)

Being from the relatively far north of the United Kingdom, I’m (now) used to the evenings stretching on until quite late on. In midsummer it’s pretty much light until beyond 11pm. People further south, even in the likes of London, don’t have that experience, with darkness descending much earlier. Of course, the nights are dropping down now, with 9pm being around the time the light has gone, and here in Spain it’s earlier than that. You can feel the light melting away from 8pm.

The pools at the various urbanizacions ‘close’ at 10pm, 8pm in the naturist hotel (when all nudity ceases too). While I do like to comply with the rules, I’ll work them to their limit 🙂 As a result we’re regular 9.45pm swimmers, lol, when you can float on your back and look up at a starlit sky, surely one of life’s magnificent experiences.

And what we find happens is that once we’ve made our presence felt in the pool (other guests can hear us swimming), they too are often emboldened enough to share that experience. We’ve regularly gone for a 9.45pm swim with the intention of  few quick lengths and out by 10.00pm, only to find that the pool is half-full in a short space of time, and we’re all still there at 10.30pm or 11.00pm!

We did once arrive near midnight, due to a late flight, and the first thing we opted to do was clothes off and into the pool for a midnight dip. Lovely, it was too.

Not quite midnight last night…we went for our 9.45pm swim (but I promise I’ll try and fit in an actual midnight dip, either at the pool or in the sea, before I go home and ‘postcard’ it).

ella midnight pool_001bc ella midnight pool2_001bc


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