Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 3…the rain in Spain

Overcast skies, rain in the air, and some actual rain (not much) a couple of hours ago. As usual, I headed down to the beach first thing, and there was enough of a chill to discourage us from going naked. The sea looked inviting enough, but probably cold at this time of day, so we huddled together under and drank the cups of tea we took with us.

One hardier lady, a local, perhaps, suddenly appeared next to us, naked and holding an umbrella. 🙂 She, too, looked as if she was contemplating an early morning dip, but headed away shortly thereafter without venturing in. I just loved the juxtaposition of a naked woman with an umbrella, not wanting to get wet from the rain, but prepared to get wet in the sea. 🙂 A slightly surreal experience.


I’ve tinkered around with the sky and environment settings to give the photo a bit of a sense of ‘dark skies’.

Apologies, too, for yesterday’s ‘postcard’ only turning up this morning 🙂 We had a busy day catching up with old friends, and it was only this morning that I got yesterday’s ‘postcard’, our midnight dip, published.


PS There may not be a postcard tomorrow, as we’re driving to the Alhambra, and intend to start early and spend a full day at a location it has been our intention to see for several years, but never actually done. And tomorrow’s the day! I may try to either get a postcard for Sunday published late tonight, or early tomorrow morning before we set out. Equally, I may not get the chance. 

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