Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 4b

We’ve had a kind of lazy day today to compensate for yesterday’s long drive. But we have made our way down to the beach late this afternoon, when the locals tend to grab whatever sunshine they can after work. It’s kind of hazy sunshine, but still busy enough on the beach, and the ‘sting’ of 30 degrees plus, up until a couple of weeks back, is now giving way to fresher weather (and the potential for storms tomorrow! 😮 )

We sea-bathed 🙂 and then as I dried off I watched an elderly Spanish woman, nude of course, and her equally naked middle-aged daughter make their way to the water’s edge.

They didn’t go in. ‘Mum’ was a little unsteady on her feet, and there was a chance the water could have pulled her off them, but there she was, in all her naked, glorious, life-well-lived-and-won glory, as naked as the day she was born. She looked beautiful.

mother and daughter1mother and daughter2



Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 4

No ‘postcard’ yesterday, as we were off on a long drive before first light and arrived back after dark. Mr.Keng is exhausted by the driving, and so is still sleeping. I think we’re both agreed that the Alhambra Palace was well worth visiting, though, with lots of photos and video taken.

Following on from the ‘Bigger Sized’ post, we’ve spent a good part of the morning in the company of a ‘big boned’ gentleman, a fellow guest at our apartment block. Our Spanish is OK, his English OK and somehow we’ve muddled through with the conversation and made a new friend 🙂

I love the way that he’s so laid back about his naked body. There’s no sense of embarrassment or shame as he wandered round the poolside chatting with Spanish friends on his mobile phone. And, of course, there shouldn’t be. It’s his body and he’s content and self-confident in it. A lesson to everyone out there paralysed by body image.

he second of our postcards is a scene I just chanced on while standing at our balcony. Below me, a topless, pregnant lady, alone save for the company of her dog, who was getting his morning walk. Oh that life was like that everywhere (weather permitting).preg1_001bc