Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) day 5c

Dinner is part of ‘the naturist ritual’. Everyone dresses up and heads of to a variety of restaurants, and I guess that more often than not the ladies pack as much and maybe more clothing than a ‘textile’ holidaymaker.

Mr.Keng bought me a dress! 🙂 so I popped it on -it’s not unlike the one in the photos- and we headed out for dinner. We took photos -not unlike the ones you see here- and had a great time. Wine was consumed and -awww!- the romantic Mr. Keng has bought a bottle of champagne for us, which we’re now consuming at midnight. We might even go for a mad, midnight skinny dip imminently! (photos tomorrow -the SL variety- if we do!)

Anyway….one of those rare SLN postings…people dressed.

Don’t discount it! Dressing up ‘to the nines’ is part and parcel of the naturist experience, whatever part of Europe you’re in. We’ve witnessed it in France, Croatia and Spain.

dinner1b dinner2b

PS. I wasn’t as ‘bored looking’ in RL as the photos make me look 🙂


Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) day 5b

The shadows are lengthening now as the sun starts to set. In a couple of hours it’ll be gone. In the meantime, people are still enjoying the pool area at our apartments, striking up conversations as the language barrier permits.

I spotted a couple of middle-aged ladies casually chatting by the pool a little while ago, before one returned to the book she’s reading. The other has draped herself at pool’s edge.

setting sun B


Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) day 5

Size doesn’t matter, they say, and I guess that’s true. If ‘the motion of the ocean’ is correct, a girl isn’t going to complain about the size of the ship!

I’m a naturist, so over the years I’ve seen thousands of penises. Seen one, seen ’em all, in their essentially ‘averageness’. Some bigger than others, some guys grow as opposed to show, but essentially there, and that’s about the extent of what’s required. If it works for you, and your significant other, what else is required? In a naturist environment they pretty much -like breasts or vaginas- become invisible to a large degree. I’m judging people on how interesting they are, not the size of their exaggerated equipment. If I’m ‘looking’ at anything, as I was on the beach this afternoon, it’s a toned body correlated to age (I don’t expect 60 year old guys to look like Adonis, but they can still look fit and healthy).

In the context of SL, I have to say that I’ve always been more impressed by a guy who is realistically proportioned, and who understands realism.

If you want stupid looking penises, SDI is a good bet.