Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 6



We should begin the day as we mean to go on!

This morning, one of us will head off to the supermercado to get our needs for the day. We shopped late yesterday afternoon, so theoretically all we’ll need is fresh bread and a bottle of wine for our evening meal. The other one of us will head along the beach, into the naturist hotel and buy today’s newspaper. Yep, we can get a freshly minted copy of The Daily Telegraph in this isolated corner of Spain, albeit arriving around 1100am.

So…I’ve conflated the two errands into one 🙂 Looks like the lucky beach naturist this morning will be me (I’m utilising my ‘alt’, Eve, for this one) while the unlucky textile, Mr. Keng, has to put on clothes and drive to the supermarket! 🙂

Well….I did the shopping yesterday!

Here, I’ve utilised a currently free pose, with the newspaper, available at the subscribe post while I’ve rigged up a supermarket queue shot.


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