Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 6b

One of the things I’m really enjoying during ‘down time’ on vacation is that I’m actually getting in to SL more often than I do at home (when my SL time is largely blog-needy). This week has obviously involved blogging, but has also given me time to zoom around inside SL for a change.

I’ve also done some catching up on other blogs I read, such as Daallee’s blog, which I like a lot because it’s not just about clothes. Poses and locations are also part of the gig, and these would certainly help inform me, make suggestions to me and sometimes steer me in how I put two and two together and nudge a blog post in another direction.

Daallee has blogged about pyjamas. Now that’s not something that would be part of SLN’s agenda, but I was intrigued by a pillow fight prop -I’m always interested in props and poses we can utilise in the blog, and I’ve sent both Harry and Diane the links, as usual, so they can maybe pose some of our models accordingly.

Anyway…while at Plowwie’s pyjama store , I spotted a nice (free) signboard that, while not naturist, certainly resonates with me every day in life.

I got up before daylight this morning and I’m about four cups of tea (I’m British, remember? 🙂 ) to the good already. I now feel like my engine’s all fired up to face the day. Coffee, I don’t do in big quantities. A cup every now and again, and always freshly ground beans. Too much of it makes me feel….wired!!!!

more tea


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