Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 6c

The Spanish love their dogs. And around this time in the morning, 9-10am, you’ll often see them being walked. There is, as with so much early morning naturism, a split between the dress codes of males and females. Males (Mr. Keng included) will happily go nude from first light. I, and most other females for that matter, will start the day dressed to some extent. I guess it’s because we feel the cold a little more. Oh, I’ll sleep nude all night here, then pop on a gown (at home) or a sundress or tank top for a little while, at least until the day heats up.

So if I look out from my apartment I’ll often see naked men walking dogs. With this in mind, I sent Mr. Keng out (yes! he’s actually logged into SL for a change) to find a dog he could walk while nude.

He opted not to buy…but he seems to have found the company of two dogs in the photo he took.

This morning I also spotted another dress code split between males and females, with a husband and wife riding bikes, he nude, she clothed.




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