Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 6d

We all ‘people watch’, whether on holiday or not.

Across from our balcony there is a gentleman, in his 60s, Spanish, who we know well enough to wave at and who is, directly after work, every day without fail, a confirmed naturist.

He seemed to have lived alone until this holiday, when a woman seems to be in residence with him. She’d be in her 50s, certainly, and is a shapely 50+ year old.

Of course, we aren’t sure of the relationship, but we have speculated as to whether she’s a significant other, sister or friend.

Whatever the relationship, none of our business, we’re intrigued by her absolute reluctance to strip off, even on the balcony.

We’ve watched the body language with interest, of course.  She has sat on the balcony with a sun dress on, while the gentleman of the house sunbathes nude. We’ve watched her depart to the beach in a bikini. I’ve watched her watch Mr. Keng, nude of course, wander down to the pool we have here. I’ve watched her get as far as a flimsy linen sun dress with panties on underneath, clearly visible under a white dress, possibly no bra…and that’s the extent of her ‘naturism’.

Of course, Mr. Keng and I have invented our own back story. It’s a sister, come to stay, but we imagine there would be more of a sense of discomfort (or not, we’ve not had the experience and wouldn’t know) looking at, or being looked at by, a family member.

Or it is a girlfriend, a woman not disposed to the naturist lifestyle. The thing is…will she or won’t she before our holiday ends? We’re dying to find out, and I may make this a mini series within the ‘postcard’ series as we desperately try to find out if she becomes as beguiled by naturism as, say, Mr. Keng was. I was a naturist before I met him and he was initially very reluctant.

Of course, following a very nervous beginning, Mr. Keng is now as committed a naturist as I am. We live in hope that this lady also becomes sucked into the sense of freedom and relaxation the lifestyle brings, rather than remain a confirmed ‘textile’.

(nb: with the ‘instant’ nature of the ‘postcard’ series I obviously can’t ask Harry or Diane to round up some of our models and pose accordingly, so Mr. Keng and I logged in and -using my ‘SLN Model’ male and female ‘alts’, we’ve posed this as best we can. Note that my alts aren’t ‘middle-aged’, by any stretch of the imagination).

cfnm1_001b cfnm2_001b



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