Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) day 6e

Well, my last posting for today, a hectic day in and out of SL. Lots to do and see, plenty of swimming to be had, and the promise of more tomorrow 🙂

Just to round up, ‘reluctant lady naturist’ has been around in her sundress again, possibly pantyless this time. Looks like she’s warming to the idea of freedom on her skin. Next stop, surely, has to be the dress to go altogether. Yes? No? We’re disappointed to report that the gentleman in question has remained resolutely dressed today, so perhaps she is winning the naturist vs textile battle.

Mr. Keng is currently cooking us a carbonara pasta, so I’ve been utilising the time to experiment with clothes design for only the second time in five years! My first attempt was a bad tank top, so I didn’t pursue design any further, and subsequently fell into blogging. Today’s attempt was inspired by a failure to find a tube type sundress, semi-opaque, in the style of our reluctant lady friend, so I tried to design something myself.

Not quite what I had in mind 🙂 as we’ve ended up with a see-through lace dress 🙂 but I thought I’d show your the photos anyway.

lace dress_001b lace dress2_001b


It looks OK, I guess, but not what I had in mind.

Harry’s post earlier regarding beach poses also had me scurrying off to bag a copy. And this produced a first for SLN. While Harry often attempts to recreate RL photos in SL, the photo below had Mr. Keng replicate a RL version, snapping me with an ice lolly, as opposed to ice cream, on the ground below our apartment. But, no, I won’t be showing that one here 🙂

poolside ice cream_001


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