Consuelo (a mini series)

The name Consuelo means ‘hope’, and that’s what we’ve named our reluctant naturist friend. We ‘hope’ she joins the naturist world, and soon! 🙂

Anyway…I’ve rejigged my ‘alt’ as ‘Consuelo’, and as we’re having a lazy day sunbathing on our terrace (broken by occasional walks to the pool to cool down), I’ve opted to do a bit of SL shopping so best to reflect her middle-years. And then, hopefully, trace her first steps into the naturist community, reflected in SL.

As reported, ‘Consuelo’ has only managed to get stripped down to a sundress or bikini thus far. We live in hope for her throughout today 🙂

She did hang out some bedclothes earlier, then disappeared, although the gentleman in the apartment returned (and hasn’t been seen on the terrace since). Has she been dumped? Has she gone to work? Will she be back later? Has she gone forever? Time will tell. Interestingly, two chairs have been left out with cushions on them. Does this signify a return? And the gentleman has made no attempt to take the bedclothes off the washing line. Will she do this later?



2 thoughts on “Consuelo (a mini series)

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