Let it rain

I think that to keep yourself interested in SL you have to ‘keep moving’. After the initial rush of clothes buying, setting up a home, making friends and so on, you reach a plateau of SL.

And from there, if you’re going to keep engaged with the game, you need to branch out a bit. So you look at Gor, role-play, other niches within the big, wide SL adventure. And you are often most impressed by something ‘different’. Naked skydiving? Done it.

Over at the November Gallery is something markedly different -rain. Lots of it!

And it puts a whole new mood on SL, a wholly different experience.

I rounded up a model and got a few photos which look great. While our model, Mal, looks gorgeous in them, I think that the real star of the show is the backdrop.rain3_001b rain5_001b



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