Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 8

‘You started the postcards as a ‘what I saw in Spain’ series, didn’t you?’ asked Mr. Keng a couple of days back.

I did indeed.

‘Not that I’m particularly looking‘, Mr Keng chuckled, ‘but the absence of pubic hair makes the presence of pubic hair all the more striking’.

Hmmm. I reflected on this. This time last year I reported, or did a draft post, on how I thought pubic hair seemed to be making something of a reappearance within the naturist community. (It’s early, still dark, still warm enough to blog naked on the balcony 🙂 and I’m not about to go searching for that post).

And Mr. Keng is correct. Something we did do yesterday, between lazing about, was lazing our way along the beach and into the hotel, mid-morning, for the morning papers. And so I did a quick check on the state of pubic growth and I have to say it’s and endangered species. Almost everyone has been barbie-fied. Shaved, waxed, devoid of a single hair on young and old alike.

And yes, when you did come across some pubic thatch, it was all the more striking.

I almost got self-conscious about the fact that, down there, I’m all-natural, lol. But I’m not about to join everyone else. And, frankly, I’m a little surprised that naturism has gone this way. If it’s all about freedom and individualism, why have ladies uniformly decided to shave or wax?

What they do, of course, is up to them, but it strikes me that it has become something of a fashion, more than individuals doing what they want to do. Unless what they want to do is follow fashion slavishly.

Here at SLN the staff, by accident rather than design, are pubic hair…hmmm….guardians! 🙂 Barbara and I both like the natural look while Pookes flip-flops according to SL mood.

Anyway…I was going to set up a pose involving my ‘alt’, later on, but as luck would have it Pookes came online and so I grabbed her so we could pose together to demonstrate the differences between this look and that look 🙂

(What are you doing up so early, girl? It’s 630am in London!)

shaved 1 shaved 2

PS, as things would have it, Pookes was grabbing some SL time and doing some pix of her own for a subsequent SLN post. Yay!

So….SLN readers….what’s your preference? Pubic hair or not? In 2013 the naturist community seems to have voted with its razor.


One thought on “Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 8

  1. I totally agree. It is a real shame that the RL naturist community seems to have gone razor mad and a real relief when i see someone sensible in SL that hasn’t succumbed to the trend. Keep the thatch !!!

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