Consuelo (a mini series) part 3

consuelo's man2_001b

Yes, I’m awake exceptionally early 😦 Yes, I’ve been woken a bunch of drunken teenage girls rattling down the street, shouting loudly in the manner that drunken people do when talking ‘normally’.

Mr.Keng has gone back to bed, so I thought it was just me on my own until I saw the lights on in the apartment opposite. It rather looks as though Consuelo’s man -the elderly gent who lives opposite- has been disturbed too, as I can see a light on his apartment. So I rather thought it was time to report that he has been on his own since our last sighting of ‘Consuelo’. We’ve only today and tomorrow left of our holiday (10 days not enough this time, we’re coming for two weeks next time) for Consuelo to reappear and join the ranks of happy naturists. 😦

I’m disappointed she didn’t stay. It’s always good to watch someone shy or nervous take their first steps into naturism and have their own body image altered forever.

However, in the time-honoured tradition of films and television programmes, we’re going to make a couple of alternative endings for this 🙂 and leave it up to you to decide which one you prefer.


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