Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) day 9b

Well….that’s just about it. Off around lunchtime, back to the airport and a flight back to our much-missed children. Realistically, we won’t do more than a week without them next year.

It was dark, it was the fag-end of a day, and the season, but we made it to the local chiringuito, nude, and had a coffee to soak up the alcohol we’d consumed earlier in the evening.

Our French neighbours have/had (naturist) guests in, a quartet of naked people enjoying a meal together. Mr. Keng and I absented ourselves from our balcony to enjoy a nude stroll to the beach, watched the night fishermen do their thing, lights at the end of their fishing rods (we should set up some pix involving fishing, nude!) and came back to the apartment. Their guests -people well into their 60s- left, wandering naked down a public street. What a wonderful place this is!

r & Mrs Keng enjoy the chiringuito after dark.


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