I was sim-hopping earlier, and chanced upon a mall dedicated to the prim boobie community (this year’s SL ‘big thing’, as we all know). I don’t really keep abreast (see what I did there?) of prim boobs, but I tp’ed over to Chest Treasures (see what they did there? A clever name, indeed 🙂 ) and had a rummage around. Quite a few freebies to be found, but the one thing that did catch my eye was a lovely ‘friends’ pose that just looks perfect for the naturist community to have some fun with, and take a few photographs (you’ll find this upstairs in the mall, in a shop called Ellette). Suitable for textile friends too, but I think it suits bare breasts better than it would a bunch of sweaters 🙂

friends2_001b friends3_001b