A gallery

We take far, far more photos than we can possibly use for SLN. I’ve been tasked to run through the library (in advance of it being ‘wiped’, i.e transferred to an external drive) and picked out a few photos I thought you might like.

alim with camels_001b barbara mtn_001b cecil and ringo2_001bb diane_001 copyb eva hoyse evening sun_001b harry and pookes2_001b heather2_001b honey rain6_001b howie and barbara3_001b mal bridge2_001b maria19_001bb niamh and howie2_001b niamh and pierre_001b steffi eden celebration_001b vajeena new hair_001b



Autumn arrives

I’m not sure how it’s looking for you, in your part of the world, but where I live, autumn seems to have arrived, right on cue, on September 23rd, as planned. Leaves already a collection of vibrant yellows, browns, oranges and reds. My local park looked fantastic until a few really wet days resulted in it looking just….wet.

It’s good to be back in SL. Summer is never a good time for me in SL, but as the autumnal equinox arrives, the nights drop down and the autumn sweeps in, I do get to return to SL.

Just back, I’ve not really got going yet on photoshoots with models, nor got caught up with any summer changes to the grid, so I thought Id do a little self-shoot, in autumnal colours, to herald my return to SL and desire to be bringing you a collection of SL photos right through until March, when my SL activity will tail off once more.

diane autumn_001_Sprout_20131002 diane autumn4_001_Sprout_20131002


The sims are a photographer’s dream right now -it’s hard to take a bad photograph- and I shall endeavour to bring you a few terrific looking autumnal looking photos until the leaves are gone.