Topless Tuesdays

A google search of the words ‘topless Tuesday’ will reveal that it has become something of a meme in the SL blogosphere. I’m not certain of its origins; I know I picked it up via Strawberry Singh’s blog and since then I’ve noticed other blogs pick up on it.

Well, why not? Why not join in? It’s not as if we’re in opposition to the whole idea.

And so we present a small gallery (pix by Harry & Diane) which buys into ‘Topless Tuesdays’.


ellana topless tuesdays4_001b hanna topless tuesday_001c heffti topless tuesday_001b rilrrn topless tuesdays3_001b rocio topless tuesday2_001b


It isn’t something I’d plan to post every Tuesday, but it’s certainly something we will return to on occasion.