Buffy’s return

I know it’s October. Hallowe’en is imminent, and it’s a time for ghosts, ghouls and vampire slayers, but this is not about that Buffy.

Buffy’s Cove is back!!!! 🙂

Yeah, I’m excited too! I sent Harry over there to take a few photos, and I popped in myself to see the new look Buffy’s at its new location.

In time honoured tradition…new readers start here 🙂 Buffy’s was one of the oldest nudist locations on the grid. In existence as long as I’ve had an SL account. I’m not sure what the reasoning behind it all was, but memory tells me Tess, who now owns ‘Naked Dreams’ on the Eden Estate was whole or partly responsible for Buffy’s, she then built an almost exact replica of the original Buffy’s (as Naked Dreams), and then Buffy’s closed. Some of the regulars at Buffy’s then set up Su Casa. And now Buffy’s is back as Buffy’s. (Phew! I hope I’ve got all of that right).

Anyway it looks terrific. A nice compact build, just the sort of place to encourage sociability once word gets out.

Rather than try to provide a text when I haven’t fully experienced it yet is silly, so the remainder of the words on this post, plus the photos, are Harry’s.

harry buffys cove1_001b

Those of you familiar with the old Buffy’s will immediately recognise the landing-stage TP entry point. A familiar look, but thereafter things are markedly different. And who chooses to ignore the sage advice at the entry. I for one won’t be making eye contact with anyone while eating a banana.

harry buffys cove2_001b

The focal point of the build is this crashed aeroplane. I’ve never seen the TV series ‘Lost’, but isn’t it about plane crash survivors? Can anyone enlighten me if the intended vibe at the new build is of ‘Lost’?

harry buffys cove3_001b

As at the old Buffy’s, the ‘Hollywood’-styled signage will be familiar in style.

harry buffys cove7_001b

I tp’ed in at sunset, and the colours were so striking I didn’t even try to change the ‘time of day’ light settings throughout my stay. I was just captivated by the colouring, which made taking bad photos impossible.

harry buffys cove9_001b

Well…there’s a hamburger-stand at the sim. Must be selling dodgy burgers or dogs, because I felt a bit ill and lay down. When I woke up I found I was on a mattress, in the trash area. A nice little pose 🙂

Photos by Harry.

Words by Ella and Harry (in italics)


Words by Ella and Harry (in italics)