Girl Flu

No posts from me this week. A head cold (‘girl flu’, if truth be told) is proving hard to shake off. Sneezes, coughs, shivers and sweats. I’ve been in bed since Friday, moving only to take on industrial quantities of chicken soup or hot lemon drinks, and spend time in hot baths in an attempt to shake it.

Fortunately, my RL significant other has been able to nurse me part of the time 🙂

While I’ve not had the opportunity to replicate the photos (below) in RL…he has been nursing me endlessly.

Fantasy material, I guess. A hunky guy (well, he’s my RL hunk!) tending me. And in SL, a hunky guy, clad only in an apron, hahaha, might make my flu-ridden avi feel better about herself.

The apron is part of a French Maid set available at Plausible Body, the shop where you can ‘pay what you like’ for a variety of outfits. pookes ill_001b pookes ill2_001b

Plausible Body has a number of terrific outfits available, mostly geared towards the SL ladies. However, with a little imagination (a hunky guy in an apron?) some can be suited to male avis.


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