Naked Skydiving

Discovery of the photo (below) online reminded me of my early days in SL. At a long now defunct naturist place I took my first naturist sky dive. An incredibly fun experience, even ‘virtually’.


So we rounded up a willing model -someone who had never done any naked skydiving in SL before- and took her over to Su Casa for the trip of a lifetime.


Don’t forget to ‘buy’ (L$0) a terra-chute before setting off. Without it you’re going to hit the ground pretty hard! 🙂


We got our model, Tina, to set the height to its max, 4000m.  Here we see her beginning to drop into the clouds.


Hmm…I’ve got the photos out of sync. Her chute has opened and Tina glides to earth.


But just before her chute opened, she had a beautiful aerial view of Su Casa. The large red object is Su Casa’s hot air balloon.


Chute fully deployed, Tina is within feet of a perfect landing.

If you’ve never tried naked parchuting, I thoroughly recommend it. So much so that I’ve put it back on my SL ‘to do’ list. While we’ve also covered balloon rides in the past, I think it’s high time we did so again. Don’t you?


(edited to add…I was pointed in the direction of the photo below, in the wake of the blog post, so I’m happy to add it to the post)


One thought on “Naked Skydiving

  1. Now that LQQKs like fun


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