Phat Azz

I’m sure most of you will be aware, already of the new ‘mesh butt’ implants, better known as the ‘phat azz’.

It feels like this is the next ‘mesh boobies’.

It won’t be for me, thanks, but I see from the blogosphere that it’s kind of taking the grid by storm. I’m a little surprised. Avatar editing slider controls make for an ample bottom as it is, and there are a few avatars around who, even before the emergence of ‘phat azz’ probably needed a few lessons in body proportion. From a personal perspective I don’t quite see the point. Mesh clothing seems to struggle with getting sizing right. I’m hardly on the ample side, but I do find that some mesh items are stretched to the max 🙂 even on the ‘large’ size (we do need XL or even XXL mesh sizes for bigger avatars. Of course, the ‘phat azz’ means that a new market probably opens up in mesh clothing being made specifically for those with bigger behinds. Maybe the trickle down will be that mesh clothing goes up a size. Who knows?

As I’m not buying, ‘modelling’ the phat azz was going to be difficult, so I’ve opted to grab a few photos from google images. I hope I’m not treading on anyone’s copyright here [if we are, let me or Pookes know and we’ll pull those images immediately: Ella]

Phat-azz-appliers-5-skins Phat-azz-appliers-Misaki 9719234135_096497d370 9878577086_d8f7f20ebe_z


I have to say that I was a little surprised that, in terms of mesh body parts that the butt implants precede a mesh penis attachment. I would have thought it would have had greater sales potential than a butt. Oh, well, it’s probably be next! 🙂

Oh, and if someone is working on a mesh penis out there, how about you design proper foreskins for them? The ‘uncut’ penis in SL is quite often unrealistic in appearance, and often of one ‘look’. In real life uncircumcised men do have subtle differences in how they look in a flaccid state.

If the ‘phat azz’ looks like it might be your thing, then do a simple search and you’ll be given a wide range of locations where it’s available. How closely it’ll match your skin tone, an issue we found with mesh boobs, is something we can’t comment on.



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