Something slightly different.

I visit a website called ‘Arouse your passion‘. It provides links to all manner of e-books, and I occasionally download books on musical topics, jazz mostly, as I’m learning to love the music, courtesy of the RL Mr.Keng, and am trying to get some sort of framework in which to understand it. The history, the circumstances, etc.

Of course, it also provides links to other books, pulp fiction mostly, and I was amused by the following title…


Well, I guess we were all ‘tormented virgins’, sooner or later in life, once upon a time. And, sadly, there’s many women who’ve been in positions where something cherished has been lost too early, given up too easily, often drunkenly or forced. But that’s a topic for another day.

I googled, and Amazon tells me it was published in 1963, but I’m guessing that at 75c in today’s money, it would still probably be over-priced.



Anyway, more than the cover and the title, I was taken by a snippet of text on the website. I quote..

A man, bald-headed and paunchy, yelled for attention. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have a suggestion. We, meaning the men present, have discussed the possibility of nude bathing. We would like to invite you all to share your bare bodies with King Neptune. There’s no one to see us but ourselves and it will be like the good old days when the original bunch we had ran about with tally-wackers bobbing and bosoms flailing the wind. What do you say?”

Tally-wackers????? 🙂 Had ‘ran about with’???? The proof-reader (if not too busy fumbling with his ‘tally wacker’) should have been sacked for not being able to conjugate verbs correctly.

It goes on…

They stopped in the first bedroom. Jerry undressed the wanting female. She was ready. The sweet odor of womanhood filled the air around them. Jerry cast his trunks aside and joined his panting mate. He was eager for her body and kissed it from head to toe. She fondled him as bursts of passion spilled from her lips. Their kisses were hot and open mouthed. Her coral tips pierced his chest as he probed her crevices and squeezed her responsive flesh. Margaret pulled the lustful man to her. She became a tigress of passion as she absorbed the erupting fountain of youth.

Please! No more! I can’t take any more naturist-related ‘naked means sex’ cliche.

But, then again, a quick tour of some of SL’s ‘nudist’ sims, the ones we’re regularly critical of, suggests that, in corners of SL, it’s forever 1963 and it’s all about showing off your badly coloured, permanently erect ‘tally wacker’.

A full fifty years after publication of this sort of pulp, some cliches regarding the naturist lifestyle remain. 😦


One thought on “Something slightly different.

  1. Your first agonized call for a proof-reader can be dispensed with. Read it thus: “the original bunch we had”…”ran about with…” Yes, a good proof-reader might well have made it “our original bunch ran about…” but it’s (barely) understandable.

    Your other objections? Well, you had to be there. Now, you’re right. Then it was the way publishers wanted it.

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