Bewbstock, an expo related to hippy chic and mesh boobs, is open.

While none of us here have embraced mesh boobs particularly (we’re agreed our RL experience doesn’t equip us to particualry feel empathy with anything over a ‘B” cup, apart from me, and my cup runneth over at ‘C’) we do like the hippy vibe. I popped over there earlier and, while ignoring the boob related items, or the ‘Lola’ related stuff, still managed to see some bohemian style clothing, hippy clothing, that I liked.

There’s lingerie, swimwear, and just boob related items. And in that respect, it fits right into SLN‘s remit. You may well find something that is entirely suitable to the SL naturist experience, if only as a ‘naturist accessory’.


The (formerly topless) British Member of Parliament.

Gloria de Piero is the Shadow Minister for Women for the UK’s Labour Party. The Labour Party would historically be seen as a left-of-centre, ‘socialist’ party, although goodness knows how they pass muster as ‘socialists’ anymore, given that they’re now stuffed with public schoolboys and ‘professional politicians’. Although that’s probably another argument for another day. Indeed, Ms de Piero appears to be one of the few Labour Members of Parliament left who actually has ‘working class’, ergo, left-wing, socialist roots. That said, it can hardly be fairly argued that a previous career in the media particularly equips one, Ms de Piero or anyone else for that matter, to really comprehend working life as understand by many with working class roots, working in shops, on post-modern ‘assembly lines’ (i.e. call centres) or being unemployed.Passport-Photo

For those outside the UK, let me explain that it means she speaks on women’s issues on behalf of the political party who are currently ‘in opposition’, i.e. not currently the party of government. But in the eventuality of a Labour election win, in 2015 (or earlier) she could conceivably be a member of the UK government’s ‘cabinet’. (Think ‘Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State’, and you’ll have some idea of where her political power -at least in the topic of women’s rights- lies. And she could, of course, rise to higher office within the cabinet.

And this week, here in the UK, Ms de Piero’s bread and butter work has become somewhat derailed by the news that she posed, topless, at age 15, to earn some money. That’s in 1988, by my reckoning, since she’s now 40 years of age. Not such a long time ago. And apparently, this week, a search was conducted to unearth these photographs.

As usual, I sighed a sigh of disbelief when I read the story, for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s rather sad that the political system, of which she’s now a part, was failing teenagers in the industrial north of England (she’s from Bradford, Yorkshire), to such an extent that she felt compelled to undertake such actions, and at such a tender age. Hpw many of her contemporaries were placed in similar positions? How many ended up taking drugs, dealing drugs, entering prostitution and (perhaps) entering the penal system, either as ‘young offenders’ or ‘adult criminals’ as a result of this failure of politics?

Secondly, who’s doing the searching? Members of the Conservative (the centre-right party currently in government) Party? Is it political black-ops? Is it a crude attempt to discredit her work, in the position she currently holds, and in general? Is it by ‘Fleet Street’ (the name traditionally given to the British media)? What’s the agenda if that’s the case? Is it by an editor of a right-leaning paper?

And regardless of who’s doing the searching, what’s the intended conclusion? Publication? Of photos of a fifteen year old? Hang on a moment, doesn’t that qualify as paedophilia? Doesn’t the original photographer also have a case to answer in terms of ‘child abuse’ or paedophilia?

So many questions. And they go on.

This is where I take off my SLN editor’s hat and fulminate purely as a woman and as a (soft) feminist, expressing surprise, concern, rage and contempt that women’s breasts continue to be deemed newsworthy, with photos being deemed searchable.

Gentlemen of the political machine, the media and (possibly even) the forces of law. They’re tits. 50% of the global population has them, and we should be away beyond caring about this stuff anymore. And, be honest, the likelihood is that the male, well-lunched, corpulent ‘investigative journalists’ doing the searching and the exploitation probably have bigger tits than a fifteen year old schoolgirl!

Such is the giggling (public?) schoolboy, stunted-sexuality of the various arms of the British social ‘machine’, the media machine, the political machine, the legal machine, the ‘security’ machine.

I find it loathesome.


Spanish politician Olvido Hormigos reacted to allegations of a sex-tape in circulation by posing topless for a magazine.


Former topless model Mara Carfagna became Minister for Equal Opportunities in the Italian government.

Natalia Juarez (Mexico), Alessandra Mussolini (Italy) and Tania Derveaux (Belgium) have all used toplessness and/or nudity as part of their past or current political careers.

And I couldn’t let this post go by without referencing a particularly odious example of a topless politician….

GD4312362@Russian-President-Vla-4007Calm down, ladies! 🙂 While his rod’s out, he’s only got a tiddler.


I’m grateful to my SL friend Lady Marjorie (not a SL or RL naturist) for daring to go topless, for our benefit and this post. A self-styled ‘minor member of the British aristocracy’, in her SL guise, she essentially roleplays this with her ‘husband’ (they’re not married in RL), Sir Tarquin. You’ve maybe spotted them at places like Frank’s Jazz Club, dancing. Anyway, I’m friends with Marjorie because she’s a hoot, and I like that she and ‘Tarquin’ have essentially invented these roles, and then roleplay, without necessarily being in a RP sim.

And she thought it would be enormously funny, basically being known as someone permanently bedecked in formal dresses, to be ‘caught frolicing’ with a ‘toyboy’ (another SL friend of mine).

Because this is how the British media would report her presence on a sunny beach, semi-dressed. They might even speculate that he’s ‘her personal trainer’ or such like.

beach enquierer1_001bbeach enquierer2_001bbeach enquierer3_001bInside their ‘rag’, these investigative journalists would then publish photos that look like they were taken at half-a-mile’s distance, with a phone camera, and serve it up in ‘the public interest’.

Rant over, I think. I have nothing but contempt for the British press, or whoever’s leading the search for this MP’s photos. Is she doing a good job in her role? Is she a good constituency MP? That’s all we need to know, or care about.

Breasts should no longer be news in the media. Other European countries understand that. Why can’t we?