Boho Fair 2013

Barbara’s mention of Bewbstock (see previous post) reminded me that there’s a couple of expos/fairs on at the moment that have ‘naturist accessory’ potential. Another one is the Boho Fair -more ‘hippy chic’, as Barbara phrased it, fashion.

And don’t forget that Burning Man is also ongoing at the moment. (edited to add…it opens today, October 19th, but it may be later in your RL day before you can gain access).

Anyway, I hopped over to the Boho Fair and picked up a whole bunch of goodies. I could have spent more. In fact, I’ll probably go back and spend more! 🙂

All you see here came to a grand total of L$25! And that includes the L$20 I spent on a fat pack of bohemian/hippy/beach clothes that certainly remind me of the various states of undress visible on a typical naturist beach, or of ladies getting dressed up for the evening following a day’s nude sunbathing.

bobo1 boho2 boho3 boho4 boho6 boho7 boho8 boho9 boho10

Yep. Everything you see, the cowgirl boots, the two different hairstyles, and all of the clothes (plus more I didn’t photograph!) for L$25. Imagine! A whole new look, a whole new you, a whole new wardrobe. A whole new hippy/beach naturist look. I’ll certainly be wearing the gypsy skirt (last pic) when I visit the Burning Man festival for you.


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