Piercings, tattoos and body hair removal (2)

My goodness! I don’t think we’ve ever had such a response, so quickly, in the history of SLN!

It rather looks as though the whole body adornment thing is something that grips your imagination.

I’ve two posts lined up, featuring readers and their own approaches to the ideas.

First up is Jakky, who sent in a photo of herself (which Harry has cropped and framed).

jax bus stop 5_001c
ooks good, yeah?

Unfortunately the rest of her portfolio included some photos of a sexual nature, so we can’t use them here. Harry has volunteered to do some post-production on them, and maybe put them up on his site. We aren’t sure about this. What’s your, the reader’s, view on it?

I’ll hold two further contributions, one from an SLN reader and one a contribution from Barbara, back until later tonight or tomorrow.



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