Piercings, tattoos and body hair removal


Yes, I think so, as I do see some body piercings, some tattoos and a lot of pubic depilation on males and females during my RL naturist holidays.

They aren’t things (shaving the pubic region, apart) I think we’ve ever really focussed on in the lifetime of SLN, so I thought we’d put that right today.

Meet Jim and Chelsey, who I met earlier and who agreed to pose for SLN. Partnered in SL, both have a RL love for tattoos, piercings and body hair removal.

I asked them to ‘tatt up’ to an extent, for the purposes of demonstrating that using the ‘add’ button, rather than ‘wear’, allows an avatar to add multiple layers, hence the rather heavy and messy tattooing effect. It’s not how Jim and Chelsey regularly live their SLs, but both were agreeable enough to add a few extra layers for the purposes of the camera.

‘I multi layer all the time’, Chelsey told me, ‘but it needs care to produce a ‘wow’ rather than a messy look, but it certainly can be done. Some of the ones we’re wearing today are freebies (from Nikita Freebie and Freebie Dungeon). We’ve probably both had them since we first came into SL’.

jim and chelsey4Jim goes on, ‘We do like experimenting with the look we can achieve, and we’ll often be logged into SL at the same time, searching the same or different sims for new body adornments.’

jim genital piercingsI asked Jim about his genital piercing -a Prince Albert cock piercing and an accompanying cock ring. ‘I couldn’t find any in world, but I did get these from the SL Marketplace. They’re probably my favourite SL purchases.’ Enquiring about the evidence of some pubic hair, Jim laughed and explained that ‘the join between a SL body and the genitals sometimes look really harsh. Just to soften that awkward join, I do keep some pubic hair in place, but it’s not something I would have in real life’.

chelsey piercingsChelsey, too, wears ‘as many piercings and body jewellery  as possible’. In the photo (above) she’s wearing a nose ring, lip piercings, nipple rings, belly piercing and clit rings. ‘Like Jim, sourcing and buying stuff like this is really the fun thing about our SL together. We love it!

Both wax lyrical about the ‘Envi’ store as ‘our favourite shop for piercings because ‘they’re good and they’re affordable’. L$40 is an expensive purchase from there, they tell me!

I’m not yet ready to put ink onto myself, but I am very taken with some of the piercings (some readers will recall I have experimented in the past with nipple rings, belly piercings and a clit ring). But Jim and Chelsey do, I think you’ll agree, both look fantastic! Where’s that Envi landmark? Ah..here it is! I’ll maybe catch you over there while I indulge myself in a few purchases, maybe some of the ear adornments?


(photos by Diane Toxx)

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