SLN indefinitely delayed.

I’m sorry to say that, after much behind the scenes discussions, we’ve pretty much abandoned plans for SLN10 in its current format. The reason for this is that, because it’s a ‘political’ issue, in a manner of speaking, we’ve been sensitive to the needs of non-western cultures. SL is a world largely devoid of politics, and while there are some downsides to this, there are also benefits.consuelo bath4_001b diane toxx turtle2_001c

SLN photographer Diane Toxx watches events unfold at Turtle Beach

hoyes low level_001 ringo fngz2 yacht3_001cb_Sprout_20131112d teena low level_001bc_Sprout_20131114 vera3758_001bc_Sprout_20131114

We became bogged down in the ‘political correctness’ of it all, eventually poring over every last word in case someone took offence along racial/national/religious faultlines.

This isn’t, for me, that SL is all about, and if we’re going to spend hours and days arguing over it, it’s not worth it. So SLN10 -in its ‘political’ guise- won’t happen. SLN10 will now be the Christmas issue.

My apologies for that.

Some long term readers will remember a previous attempt to undertake a ‘political’ issue also ended in failure, so it seems sage to now abandon all ideas for this type of publication. I’ve been able to rejig some of the material, and this will appear in the Christmas edition.

In the meantime, here are some new photos (above), grabbed around the grid, featuring happy SL naturists at play.

Note that some of them are no presented ‘framed’, with the photographer’s name (Diane or Harry) attached. It’s likely that many of SLN’s future photos will appear in this format. We’ve also discussed either a marketplace presence, or a ‘gallery’ in world, where you can ‘buy’ the framed works to hang on the walls of your own home. Current thinking is that most would be ‘for sale’ at L$0. What do you think?

I will also be ushering in 2014 with a few tweaks to the magazine’s format, just to keep it fresh. Minor stuff, mostly, but all part of the ‘rebirth’ process I find that I undertake in SL at year’s end every year.

That’s the time when many of us, I think, also ‘tweak’ our avatars, our homes, hairstyles, skin….whatever!…and face a new year with a new look and expectations for the SL year ahead of us.



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